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Acquisition financing

We can provide gold guarantees for mergers & acquisitions. We will consider projects involving consolidations, roll-ups, divestitures or similar inorganic growth initiatives. 


We co-invest with private equity, venture capital and investment banks by anchoring projects with our gold guarantees.

Collateral for trading programs

We will consider providing gold guarantees for firm commitment trading programs offered by reputable financial institutions who provide us full account transparency.

Real Estate and Infrastructure

We support development projects or acquisitions in the commercial, residential tourism & hospitality, aviation and marine industries, as well as infrastructure projects. 

Gold Bond Issuances

Subject to market conditions, we will team up with strategic partners in respect of Gold bond issuances with a minimum deal size of $1 billion. 

Innovation and Technology

We support innovation and technology, with an emphasis on health technology, renewable energy, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT).

Please complete the form below or email us to share your proposal or project. Please add links to documents (executive summaries, business plans, etc) in the message body.

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