Harnessing the Power of Gold

through Innovative Strategies


Our Mission

To invest behind scalable, responsible, and high impact commercial solutions to solve critical global challenges.

What we do

We sell our own blocks of gold bullion when appropriate. And we also utilize our own deposits of allocated gold to securitize or guarantee noteworthy projects, and to create value-partnerships.

Our criteria

We are generally industry agnostic but we are discerning in our project selection and apply rigorous research, analysis and due diligence procedures. 


We are a global, private, family owned asset management firm. Through our global group of affiliates we specialize in, own and manage gold bullion reserves. All our gold deposits are comprised of allocated gold, are of good delivery specifications (GDS) and verifiable in the Blue Screen System. The bullion bars are kilobars with internationally recognized hallmarks, including JM London, South Africa, LG, JM Australia, Crown, Perth, Hammer, Swan, and Flying Horse. We have offices in USA, Switzerland and UAE. Find out more about us.


Allocated Gold is a Tier 1 Asset, just like cash