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Harnessing the Power of Gold

through Innovative Strategies


Our Mission

To invest behind scalable, responsible, and high impact commercial solutions to solve critical global challenges.

What we do

We engage in the trade of allocated gold bullion, and we support financing through the securitization, proprietary trading and value-partnerships.

Our criteria

We work principal to principal only, and we maintain compliance with all regulations (including AML) and industry guidelines, and  apply rigorous research, analysis and due diligence procedures. 


We are a global, private asset management firm. Through our global group of affiliates we specialize in the trade and monetization of gold bullion. We work with institutions, sovereign funds, global banks and industry stakeholders to accomplish these goals. We have offices in USA, Switzerland and UAE. Find out more about us.


Allocated Gold is a Tier 1 Asset, just like cash

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